Monday, January 25, 2016


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Master your 'Sleep Zones', learn that when you stop struggling against everything, that things just start to become easier and work in your favour and what you desire comes to you instead of you struggling to grab it. Metaphorically you are walking around with a clenched fist and your nails are digging into your palm and you think that by clenching tighter that the pain will go away, when in fact all you have to do is open up your hand and stretch out your fingers and ... Let Go...

Don't run the list of why, and what, happens, if you let go, just let go. The more sleep you get (as in the more switched off and relaxed you are, no thoughts, no worries, no 'things' you need or need to do) the more you can manifest what you want and desire, if you stop struggling and trying, you start to pick up on how life is really running ..on a quieter, slower, level.. The more you can switch off and relax, the more energy you feel, the more energy you feel the more you start to create ideas and feelings, the more ideas and feelings you have the more dream energy you get, and dream energy is the thing that will enable you to shape your reality into what you desire. Stop struggling for an unknown future, instead TURN ON, TUNE IN AND...



(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

A lot of People don't realise that most of their problems/obstacles in life, or their issues with relationships etc.. is actually 'Them' and not other people.

When you are young you always blame everyone and it is always someone else doing something 'to you', and it is 'them' being flawed; But later on in life, you start to see more of your own flaws, you see that perhaps some of your problems with, relationships, jobs, finances etc... Were something 'You' were making.

For example, in your Relationships, perhaps the people in your life that ignored you or didn't give you the love you wanted; Didn't, because you were quite selfish, (self focused) or you had a bitchy/asshole side that kept sabotaging the good that you built, perhaps you didn't really have your own identity or love for yourself and so you would copy other people trying to be like them to have self esteem and be 'somebody' and in turn no one could respect you, treating you like a nobody (because in affect you were; in not creating yourself and stealing others energy) …Perhaps in the same vain, you never stuck up for anything or anyone, and would gossip with others and allow them to speak bad about another, or, would go along with it to be 'Polite', ….you would just go wherever the 'wind' took you and liked whatever anyone liked or stood up for things only when others did etc.. and in turn became this kind of 'flake' that people walked all over, or Manipulated…..because they could....... and you didn't really mean anything or give anything.

Or your jobs didn't work out because you were doing it for the title, to try to impress others, or for your own ego and as such you ended up surrounded by people who reflected ego and played: 'who has the most power wins' games, and it was something you didn't want or enjoy.

Perhaps you didn't ever become Financially Independent because you were so busy trying to be 'Rich' for your own purposes that in affect, money became valueless for you, it meant nothing, a status, and so within you, you knew it wasn't anything of real substance and so you never really dreamed or manifested anything out of it,.. With it... to use it for something greater, and so you would keep blocking it.

Once you start to realise that life is just about your own reflection, and What you are Giving Out and Making is What is being Given and Made Back to You, then you start to make changes to yourself that really give you the things that you enjoy and really see things start to change in your life.


(from - Life and Lessons Poetry By Helen Leigh)

Sometimes I feel a bit like Superman...
Perhaps a Stupid - Woman
In a world that beats down a Super-man
….Super- People
That's not reason-able.

You have to have a secret identity
Seen and Unseen
Blend in
Even though you don't Fit in
Act like a Citizen
Even though your a Queen...
... King
Keep your Majesty within.

Super – Duper fighting for truth against the Stupid
Silenced by the masses
Only focussed on their Assets..

Being Super is a weakness
To those who wish to see less
Punishing those who clean up the mess.
No one Caring
No one Trying
Accept the Super-ones
Are quietly changing how the World Runs.

Sometimes we forget we are all Superman
There are no Boxes to check or fill in
It's a choice, a chance
To do some 'Real' work
A 'Life' Class
Open the heart
Recognise the Importance...
What you do is yours
And this is what you take with you
You are your own cause
And what you hold on to
Learn to stay hidden
Be a 'Clarke' when no one is listen-in'
Let them think your a fool
Unaware you have it all
Because the higher it goes
The greater the fool...
I want to be a Superman...
Perhaps a Stupendous Woman
In a World that lifts up a Super-Man
...Super - People...
That's not so UN-Reasonable...?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

People get confused between care and morals, and mix the two together.

Care is unconditional and allows others to do and say what they feel, but morals have conditions on everything, it restricts how people should act, say and do and dictates how they should be treated if they don't abide by moral standards.

Morals judge and blame and if you use them, you become numb.

Being Numb happens out of hardness and when we choose to use our emotions on others and become offended.

If you witness something offensive, your initial reaction is to decide that you don't like it, you then become upset and emotional and then make the decision to deal with the offender, but in having to action out your moral disgust, you then have cut off your feelings and out of your own fear and disgust, treat the offender or offence like they are a Numb-ber, this could be your family member, spouce, kids, friends, pets etc..

You go 'Numb' to teach them a Moral 'lesson'.

This is how soldiers in wars 'seemingly' kill without remorse, how torture of others happens and how Men, Women and Children are killed on mass as 'casualties of war'; objectified for a Moral Cause, because each side felt they were doing what was right and just and took all feelings out of it, they treated other human beings like objects, just as we do, when;.. say,.... in a domestic situation, when a wife catches her husband watching porn, she has an emotional reaction and then, instantly 5 or 10 + years of knowing who this man is, gets wiped and suddenly he has no feelings or point of view, he is just this one thing, and it doesn't matter how good he is in life or how well he treats her, she now has a moral obligation to say whatever she feels like and to torture him..

On a different angle, if you see a person hitting a dog, and this is something that offends you, it is still your choice to get emotional about it, you can stop the person, just as you should stop anything inflicting pain on something, but it is still your choice as to whether you Judge them or not and then start beating them as they beat the dog... It is your choice to either stop then by becoming them or stop then but still hold your feelings; love...

You can also get completely power mad with enjoyment in putting people in their places, and being up on a high horse, and some people love the drama, and negativity and forget that the reason they are doing it in the first place is to have more care and relaxation, not constant fighting in negativity, some also turn it into a way that they can talk about themselves and the great person they are, and rub it in the faces of others. (Ego)

Always go for the path that lets more love in not less, more ease and more forgiveness.

Monday, January 18, 2016


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

If it's your Family and Friends then you stick up for them and defend them, no matter what.

If someone is telling you something negative about them, then you stop them straight away and tell them, 'No, they wouldn't do that', even if it sounds plausible or you feel you have to be polite, Don't be polite, you tell them that you don't want to hear them talking about your loved one in that way again.

If it's your family and friends then they can make many mistakes and keep making them, and you will always be there for them, not just make one mistake and their out! No matter how huge it is.

Even in your head, if they have done something that seems wrong to you, you say to yourself, 'I know they didn't mean it', defend them, have their back, even if your hurt, say it because there are always reasons why people do what they do and perhaps you misjudged them

If they need you but you can't help, then tell them that, don't pretend you can do things when you can't, but tell them you are there for them anyway..

That's why you have Family and close friends, they are the ones you tell the truth to without consequence.

They are the ones you give and receive unconditional love from.

If someone can easily talk bad about you, cut you out or pretend they are your family but are not there for you, then they are not your family.

So nurture the relationships you do have, be the one that sets the rules of how to treat one another, show others by your example of what Family really is and what it really means.


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Wanting to be 'Special' is selfish, it means you are willing to exclude others for the sake of you being exclusive.

It means that you want to be singled out at the expense of others because of your own insecurity.

If you need attention from someone go get it, don't hold people to serve only you and think of only you, or your Out.

Don't hold someone to like just you, how boring for them; and for you.

Life is about sharing ..

Inclusion.. Not exclusion


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

When everything revolves around you and only your perspective and how you feel, then that is all you will have room in your life for... You.


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Take responsibility for yourself, learn how you function best and don't be flippant about how you need to be treated or how you need to treat yourself.

Look to what you want in life, and want to get out of life, what your bigger picture is and what is necessary in it, or what you need to change (including yourself) in order to get what you most desire.

And Take responsibility for it.



(from - Love and Appreciation Poetry By Helen Leigh)

'Love' part 1
By Helen Leigh

My heart beat flickers, then it quivers,
And as the beat quickens,
So the rise of love begins,
And the endorphins like in dolphins,
Emerging from the water,
Spraying salty drops like sequence,
And so it begins,
In a shower of diamonds,
We are without ends,
And our path only bends,
When we turn our heads,
But thats just the light refracting,
And within that attracting,
The facets shine a million reflections divine,
And all within your eye, you shine,
Share with me yours,
And I'll share you mine,
Let love be you guide.

‎'Love' Part 2
By Helen Leigh

Run to the edge with me,
And feel the rush of expectancy,
When the tendancy Is to hold back, Just let go,
I'll hold you close to me.
Life is your intention, Not for tense-In',
Lay down your pretention,
Because the real you is the lesson.

Anything you want you can have,
There's a rainbow in your bag,
And it's up for grabs.

The silver lining its always there,
Inside you shining,
And what is missed isn't lost,
It was just the timing.

So run with me my friend,
'Cause there is no edge,
And the ledge?
It's pretend...

And all will unfold,
In the perfectness as it was,
As it is,
From beginning to end.

Friday, January 15, 2016


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Your ultimate goal should be to only see what you want out of life.
The highest form of living is living in appreciation.

So whatever is given to you in your life, perhaps an item that you have wanted for months but then forget about it the next morning? Dis-Acknowledge it. Then you are not living in appreciation and this split second reality that holds no value for you, will not serve you, it will depress you deeply and make you feel empty.

The goal is to feel more; follow your feelings.


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

People always think that pushing harder or trying more will get them over their obstacle or help them achieve happiness, but it is in fact the opposite....

You can't get Happy from 'Trying' to be happy, Happiness only comes when you stop Trying.

POEM: 'Winds Of Change' - By Helen Leigh

(from - Life and Lessons Poetry By Helen Leigh)

Blow the winds that send gusts streaming,
Through the night were stars lay gleaming,
Force the change of fortunes seeming,
Turning lifes low lamp to beaming.

Misty moss beneath your hiding,
Come forth now from your green binding,
The earth does celebrate your timing,
Emerging with your silver lining.

Clouds will part with rains receeding,
Light will shine like crystal dreaming,
You will have what your believing,
Within the bonds your souls receiving.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

If there is someone in your life that is Hurting, Sick, or Having Huge life Problems, don't get scared and make it about your feelings.

Your instinct is to run when you see someone close to you facing something big, but Instead, think about them, think about how you can inspire them to carry on.

If you don't run away from someone and their problems you may be the very person to change their lives and watch them be a success instead of a victim.

Don't think of someone's illness or hardship as a burden on you and how sad you feel or how much pity you feel, think about how you can inspire them to use what they can do, instead of focusing on what they can't and how it makes you feel; make them feel better, think about their feelings; not your own.

If someone can't walk, get them to write, if someone can't write, get them to speak.

Don't throw others under the bus and walk away; just because you aren't in their position doesn't make them less than you, see a need and be the catalyst for change in another, you never know who you may be helping, could be someone who changes the world ….. Or you could be saving yourself.

POEM: MOON WISDOM - By Helen Leigh

(from - Life and Lessons Poetry By Helen Leigh)

The Sun laid the last of it's rays upon the Leaves,
And all became silent as the Night starts to breathe,
The Clouds now just tipped with a fading crimson hue,
Giving vibrancy to all, in Technicolor view.

And this is how it starts,
When The Moon is in View,
With the Path laid out ahead,
And so is what to do,
This is what to do.

The Pearl Moon bobs upon the Waves of Night,
Dousing the World with it's tides of black and white,
The Flowers now bathed in sleepy purple -grey,
Bow their heads in Moon Glow, as the Dream-boat casts away.

And this is how it starts,
When The Moon is in View,
With the Path laid out ahead,
And so is what to do,
This is what to do.

The Dawn it now Arises with a slow and steady ease,
Lighting the road ahead, a flapping ribbon in the breeze,
Taking Moon Time Wisdom, and the dreams the night has laid,
Awakening with the fire, of the golden Sunrise rays.

And this is how it starts,
When The Moon is in View,
With the Path laid out ahead,
And the Sunrise gives the new,
And you know what to do,
This is what to do.

Monday, January 11, 2016


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Always hold yourself accountable, do what's right, keep your integrity, look after yourself and your body, do what is the best for you..

**** Even when no one is watching you*****

Don't ever think your life doesn't *mean* anything; even if it means nothing to anyone else, make it mean something TO YOU!

Even if no one cares for you, or no one remembers you or your life or what you have done or gone through, go and Have your OWN Life!

Record your own experiences, make your own goals and achieve them, because YOU always matter.

You are on this journey alone, despite the fact that you have people all around you, you may even be greatly influential, but this is still your journey, your experiences, and no one can experience your life with you and see through your eyes, and at some point in life whether early or late in your years, you will experience time on your own, perhaps feeling lost because you relied on others or your Job to 'fill in' your life for you, but instead of viewing this as a bad thing, use it as a blessing to really experience life the way YOU want it. Use it as a way to find out what you really like to do; to connect with what makes you happy.....

There is a reason we are here to experience life and we do take what we know with us when we go; what we did, what we will be held accountable for, and what we learned...

POEM: 'THE ANGEL QUEEN' - By Helen Leigh

(from - Imagination and Playfull Poetry By Helen Leigh)

The Angel Queen was born from a Star,
When the Moon was newly made,
It's luminescent glow shone on to the Star,
And the Queen was the Gift it gave.

She Travelled to Earth to protect it from harm,
And all that upon it tread,
She is the sound of the Wind, the rhythm of the Rain,
And the voice inside your head.

She is; In form, just 1 inch tall,
No bigger than a Bug,
Her Wings are made from Snail Shells,
For her, they now are Slugs.

The Wings are bound by The Spider Queen,
As there is no finer thread,
And her Wisdom and Magic is patterned in them,
With the Instinct of All Unsaid.

Her Hair's the Eyelashes that fall when we Laugh,
And her dress; The first Hair that we Shed,
She's the keeper of Souls, and makes us Great,
And the giver of our Road Ahead.

In her left hand she holds a Pencil; Carved,
From the root of the Tree of Knowledge,
In her right is a Book, she writes on the World,
Transforming our Fears into Courage.

This Pervasive Queen, like the Stars overhead,
Watches over us wherever we are,
Spins the Earth on its Axis, And tilts it a bit,
If we need it a little Ajar.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Next time your out, make a conscious effort to take a look at the people around you, and recognise that they each have lives, things to do, places to go and be, likes, dislikes, feelings...

...And when someone cuts you off on the road, and it pisses you off, and you get angry at that: 'Idiot' or that 'Some - 'Thing' that got in your way, just remember they still have lives and are still feeling beings, just like you..

It is not to say that you shouldn't correct someone who is doing wrong or could potentially hurt someone, but Objectifying anything, whether it be a person, or animal, is a kind of numbness that takes away love and appreciation from your life, it also gives you licence to hurt another for doing wrong to you, and to not acknowledge that they have feelings also... This is not the way an evolved person looks at another.. This is exactly how Wars are made, and how people can kill one another, how Animals are put in cramped cages and killed inhumanely..

Through objectifying there is no remorse or compassion, and without compassion there is no love, and only where Love is, is where Life is.

POEM - 'The Higher You Go The More You Bounce' - By Helen Leigh

(from - Life and Lessons Poetry By Helen Leigh)

Get down on the ground,
The higher you go,
The more you bounce.

Make a superfluous fascade of lust,
Throw your neighbour under the bus
 Ignore their pain,
Focus on what you can gain.

What do you think will come of this?

When all is lost that you dismiss,
And when you look it cant be found,

Because the higher you go,
The more you bounce.

People are ignoring,
objectifying and warring,
being completely boring,
Numbing the senses in senselss exploring.

As long as you look good that's all that matters,
People are only good for climbing ladders,
keep getting fatter on flatterers,
Because with every pound,

The higher you go,
The more you bounce.

Get down on the ground,
What goes around doesn't make a sound,
if you don't go up,
your soul will be found.

Because the higher you go,
The more you bounce.

Friday, January 8, 2016


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Depression, Sorrow, Anxiety are not a 'Mystery' they definitely have a cause and affect and a completely logical explanation, they are not something out of your control, they do not surprise attack you, and like all afflictions, it is always a result of something you are doing or not doing or overdoing; and you do have control over how you feel, even if you 'Think, you, Feel, you don't'.

Everyone has experienced Depression, it is common and a natural response. If it was more embraced than feared and we were taught about how to manage our feelings in our society, rather than pretend we are fine and put on an ego face; (that somehow being happy and having 'things' means you are superior) then depression would surely not be as bad and so extreme in its consequences. So in saying this;

The simple cause of depression is that you are Wanting or Desiring something you can't have, it is loss, even if you feel their is no direct reason, you are perhaps doing too much or struggling to get something, weather physical or emotional, and your body is telling you to slow down and stop.

But no matter the reason The cure is simple for both Depression and Anxiety, which is: Discipline and Switching off (rest)

When you feel low you loose energy and this makes you susceptible to what is around you, you don't have the energy to batten off negativity and reassure yourself/council yourself into feeling better, you loose perspective, the bigger picture, some rational thinking... and so your mind will take on and think negative thoughts. You will feel lazy, unmotivated, and victimised... But the more rest you can have and the more you can switch your mind off, the more energy (immunity) and creativity you will have....So instead of fighting the laziness, and the lack of energy, Use it to Relax, turn it into self care, use it to stop thinking.. just stop being bothered thinking all the crap, and being 'Somebody', and with everything you do, do it with this slowness you feel, embrace it, it is after all your body's way of telling you to slow down so that it can get it's immunity and strength back...

Then start to discipline yourself and your thoughts. Every time you think something negative, tell yourself that, that was a garbage thought and throw it out, think of your body like a room that you sleep in; don't fill the walls of your room with negative pictures, fill your room with happy pictures, good things.

Every time you put up a negative picture (think a negative thought) replace it with what you want to see and appreciate.
So every negative thought you think, replace it with a positive thought or of something you appreciate, discipline yourself to catch yourself out on every negative thought, and even if it takes you 5 minutes to think of something good to replace the bad thought with, don't let one negative slide, eventually it will become just as much a habit of thinking positive as it has thinking negative. And you will find that when negative things do happen to you in your life, you will actually have enough strength and composure to deal with it, .. You may even be so present in such a bad circumstance that you save someone else from a nasty turn, or perhaps even save their lives.

.. And You will come to find yourself sitting happily in this wonderful room inside yourself, like a Retreat or an Oasis to rest in....

And so what follows is instead of thinking about what you don't have or can't do, you start to think about what you can do and what you do have...

Fill yourself up, Fill your life up, take responsibility for your own life, Take Charge!!!!!

Start something new, maybe learn a language, start writing something, poetry, a story, go to the library and get a whole stack of books and read one a week, learn to draw, download a graphic art program, start collecting your favourite music, or DVD movies and watch and listen to one a day, learn to cook, sew clothes, build motorbikes, etc.. Do one thing that you can work on and get real good at it and form a connection/bond to it, and then build/learn/collect more things from there...

Don't ever think your life doesn't mean anything; even if it means nothing to everyone else, make it mean something TO YOU! Have your OWN Life!

And if you must compare to others to feel better, just think; while you feel like life is such a struggle, there is someone out there living on the street in a box, alone with no family, no one to love them, no possessions, not knowing where their next meal is coming from, scraps of clothing, no shoes, …... There is someone out there who can only afford one meal a day, living on 2 minute noodles, there is someone struggling through severe illness, or is blind, can't walk... etc etc...

And if you just read this and felt better, whether you are depressed or not, that should indicate to you that YOU can change YOUR feelings at any stage by what you think and what you tell yourself, it means feelings are impermanent and can change and when you reflect of what you have already overcome then you know that you can overcome this and anything that comes your way, just as you have done before, you have and carry the power to change how you feel and succeed for yourself.

****Rest – (relax on the couch, clear your mind and take up mediation – I have written out a basic mediation below)

****Replace every negative thought with a positive one – (Fill the room inside yourself with good pictures)

****Gain a new skill or connection to something -(Grow your OWN LIFE)

11 'Thoughts To Make You Think' Helen Leigh

POEM - 'Who Do You Want To Be'? - Poem By Helen Leigh

(from - Life and Lessons Poetry By Helen Leigh)

I'm not going to write of Politics and Economy,
I see no reason to bitch about the;
Who, What, Whys and Wanna-be's,
This loop has been repeating for decades and centuries,
And now it's time to stop and take stock of all your pleasantries.

I wish I didn't know what down and out was like,
Or that I know, there are those,
Who strive to make you fight,
What I do want to say is that the only thing you have,
Is yourself and your heart,
And your will to expand.

I wonder why we make the world as small as ourselves,
The limits and the Boundaries,
The mind-numbing hells.
I will never understand why we always feel inadequate,
Like the 'Sure' is unobtainable,
And we compare like we can't handle it.

Why must we feel down if we are not recognisable,
Why must our achievements be of material appraisal,
What is the real and the truth and the free,
What does it mean to be more than just a being.

These are the questions that loop for decades and centuries,
The real: Who, What's, Whys,
And the people you really Wanna-be.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Instead of feeling sorry about what has happened or is happening to you, learn from it.

Instead of hiding in your problems, feeling victimised and sorry for yourself, use them as tools to help others and improve yourself and Life.

Use your experiences, to form character and change the bad things in your life into blessings for others.

Without the experiences/obstacles we all face, we would not know how to treat others in a similar position to us, and so instead of overcoming them and then running away; pretending we never experienced the hardship, if we instead develop compassion and understanding, we can create more love.

Most times without learning compassion we don't get to see what our Soul's calling is and who we are supposed to be.
When we stop blaming everyone else, and instead think: 'What is my part in my problems? and how can I change myself?'
Then we can actually start 'doing' something of real value with the precious lives we have been given.

Most people .. Have Huge Potential ...Unrealised.

So use everything that comes your way as something to grow from and gain strength from to become formidable in both character and action.

**** (as an add to this)*****

Learn to always tell the truth even if it feels bad to do so, or you look bad, like a looser,
and even if you don't get personal revenge in doing so; tell the truth when the odds are stacked against you and people won't like you telling it; but YOU get to hold this strength of Character and a faith in yourself, what you are doing, who you are, and who/what you stick up for/ value.

Turn your overwhelming weakness into your abominable strength.

POEM - 'Seen' - By Helen Leigh

(from - Life and Lessons Poetry By Helen Leigh)

When no one else sees you, the Universe does,
And the silence of you will be heard.
When no one accepts you, the Universe does,
And hangs on your every word.

You may not be noticed at all right now,
But The Universe notices you.
And When the time comes, the Universe will reveal;
Yourself to be noted and viewed.

So just be at ease and enjoy this time,
Of the invisible beauty you see.
Because the Universe will tap on your shoulder; one day
To reveal You when your ready.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

There are two ways you can handle your problems: Victor or Victim Mentality.

A Victim, implodes, takes the problem personally like it is a reflection on them and as an attack and then keeps, 'TRYING' to either make it better or be understood and usually to the something that caused this problem in the first place that doesn't care, which results in the Victim becoming Emotional: Angry, Hysterical, Depressed or violent.
There is no detached awareness.

The Victor Mentality, see's the problem and knows where it is coming from and doesn't react.
The Victor Stands their ground and does not entertain the problem, but instead waits, watches and then resolves it having analysed how the problem is coming in.

POEM - 'The World Is A Consciousness' - By Helen Leigh

(from - Life and Lessons Poetry By Helen Leigh)

Some people sift for dirt and Some people sift for gold,
Why are you Inversion Building,
When you can Extricate,
In love exertion.

And the world is a conciousness
I hold in my hand,
The fist or the palm,
The freedom or the damned.

Some people see the strange and Some people see the abstract,
What you see as a weakness,
Is your own reflection,
To see less.

And the world is a conciousness
I hold in my hand,
The fist or the palm,
The freedom or the damned.

Your hard-hearted way is no longer good here, good day,
No day,
One day,
The light is seen only when you look at it,
Make a way.
Where there is none,
People look the fist and some people look at the palm,
Why are you duality charade-ing
You have the emperors new clothes,
That you're parading.

And the world is a conciousness,
We hold in our hands,
It takes just one with love,
Like the sun,
To give that freedom run,
Believe it can.

Monday, January 4, 2016

POEM - 'There's a place for you' - By Helen Leigh

(from - Life and lessons Poetry By Helen Leigh)

*There is a place for you,
A gap and a space for you,
And you can drop all your attitude,
The act is so cool,
But I'm telling you,
In this space,
It's Unconditional.

Rewind it back,
In a head nodding atmosphere,
Where yes,
You are the best,
And there is no trying here,
And where you go,
And how you flow,
Is now crystal clear.

Your core truth is a sword,
Protection or pain,
Depends on your skill,
On your word,
On your name,
You're brighter than the Sun;
Stronger than a hurricane.

The place is here for you,
Waiting for your follow through,
Your luck is standing by,
For its happy-go cue,
It's in your hands,
Make a stand,
Speak your Truth.


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

*Develop the skill to really look at another and try to feel their perspective or gage what they like and feel about things.

Don't talk at someone to hear yourself. To hear how clever you are or how meaningful you are or how understanding you are, and when the other person talks don't relate what they say only to yourself. This creates meaningless talking, just speaking out loud to yourself. You are just reverberating yourself at someone else, and it's childlike/Immature to only believe you are the most important person and that everything someone says relates to you or has to relate to you so that you can be compassionate and understanding.

It is immature to have people serve you in this way and it is boring for others too.

Life is so much greater and richer if you please others how they want to be pleased, not by how you think they want to be pleased, that's lazy, and selfish; to just steal another's energy because they are giving/pleasing you all the time, or because you can't be bothered listening to them or reading their energy and facial expressions/body language and not allowing their perspective to add to your own, or enlighten you; you loose that richness of shared experiences.

You have to listen with open ears, not 'tit for tat', not how you feel personally about what they said, or understand them only because you had a similar story, ….kids do that.

True listening and Care and Compassion is in allowing someone to tell you their story and sharing how they feel with you. If you do this, the rewards are great, you no longer get upset, emotional, or offended because you aren't personally relating, you stand to truly help someone, you gain unconditional love from feeling others and recognising others have feelings, so your not treating others like objects, you most likely won't get a serious illness, because hardness, coldness, and negative emotions, lower your immune system and damages your nervous system, and you will end up having far more intimate and rewarding relationships and a far more enjoyable life.


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

It's not that your Relationship(s) take work; 'YOU' take work.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

POEM - 'Is There A Tiny Man In Your Ear Too'??? - By Helen Leigh

(from  - Imagination and Playful Poetry By Helen Leigh)

Inside the crease of my left ear,
Was not a strand of my own hair,
But instead it was a tiny chair?
Atop this chair sat a tiny man,
Who's golden glow was an ear wax tan,
And this is how it all began....

Upon my finger; through magnifying glass,
He wrote me notes of all his tasks,
I read each one with ooh's and gasps!
This orange man in a 3 piece suit,
Has been telling me what I should do,
Including writing this to you!

He pointed his finger to my head,
'You never hear a word I'v said',
'Inspiring you's like waking the dead'!
'But now it's time that you will hear,
So put me back inside your ear,
There is so much to do in there'!

So back he went and alerted the town,
From Black Wax Eddie to Creamy Goldie Brown,
And Sounded the ear drum for all to come now.

With a rush of noise in my ear,
It all became so crystal clear,
You wont believe what I can hear...
Millions of voices like waxy ideas,
Making pictures and images and worlds within ears,
And all kinds of imaginings, happening there.

He did tell me of other Towns,
So listen carefully to your ear sounds,
There maybe a man on a chair sat down,
With a golden glow of your wax tan,
Could be your own 'little man',
And now you can tell how your life began


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh - Chapter One - Personal Development)

True Assertion and Confidence creates Stability, Care and Calmness.
It isn't to be misconstrued as bossiness or rudeness.
And True Assertion isn't delivered with hardness, it is the opposite.

To be the right kind of Assertive you must deliver it with direct, clear, softness. If you must say something forcefully or with anger, then whatever you are doing, it is not for the right reasons.

...It is strength of Character and an honest trust in what is Right that is delivered with ease not force.

It also enables others to feel assured that they know where they stand with you and where you are coming from because you are unafraid to tell them, and you know what you want and are a clear and balanced person.

As opposed to the unassertive person who is a shakey, questioning, guessing person, who will constantly ask what you think;.. and that you should go first, and question you as to what they should do,.. this actually inadvertently enables everyone else to work for them and sort out their lives.

Don't mistake assertiveness with rudeness and unassertive-ness with kindness, in the end it is much kinder to not 'lead people up the garden path' and become involved in something you don't like and wont follow through with because you weren't honest and said 'Yes', when you should have said 'No', People get far more hurt in this process, when a quick 'No' would have saved a lot of pain for you both.

As another example: In the animal kingdom if an animal shows this sneaky, shakeyey, uncertainty; they get eaten :) And Humans don't like this behaviour also, because instinctually we know this uncertainty is not going to care for us or defend us when we truly need it; and all respect is lost.

True Assertive people don't use this directness and strength in a hard, angry or egoist way; that only happens when someone is pretending to be Confident and Assertive but is actually afraid and attacking as a defence, the ones who come from this angle are selfish and are not being assertive or confident to help or care for others, but doing it for selfish power reasons, you can always tell this person because they feel the need to raise their voice and talk loudly over others.

True Assertiveness Holds people in place, shows a clear path and allows others to relax and trust in you. This is one of the marks of a good character and someone who will lead and go far in life.


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh - Chapter One - Personal Development

If you want to be a better person, be a hero, be special, do something significant with your life, change others, affect the world, then you have to live it in every corner of your life with what you can do and change.... How you Talk, Dress, Eat, ....

Not talk about it, BE IT.

Friday, January 1, 2016


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Is Pain really necessary?
If you take everything 'Personally' then pain is inevitable.

If you decide you don't want to share pain with another,
or theirs with you,
then you Won't.