Monday, May 2, 2016


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Sometimes we Talk over our feelings.. Too much talk deadens the senses..

If we explain too much then we move out of our heart and into our head and then we tend to objectify, categorise and box ourselves and others..

But When we allow ourselves to freely feel, even at the risk of taking off our suit of armour and possibly getting hurt or loosing someone, we are still opening ourselves up to adding feelings to our 'Own World'...

Who Cares about your life, You, what you do, all the tiny details of your life?? Who is recording your every move?? ..

No one is!!!!


YOU ARE!!!!..

And so what ever you put into 'Your World' is what you put in to yourself..

What do you treasure? What do you look at when you are alone?.. Who are you? What do you like? What is your world???.. This is Your Permanence..

This is what you can give and share with others, this is what you can lift others with and open their eyes too, to their own worlds..

....But you don't have to analyse or explain your world, because you want to feel all the feelings in there..

You want to keep that feeling of when you loved something so much and for so long (like an art work or childhood Movie, or A family Quilt, etc)..

And then finally you got to have it!....And you said to yourself that if you never get another thing and just have this then you will be happy... Hold that!

Don't forget how you treasure things, don't devalue it and forget it and keep looking to the next thing or looking to the next person to make you happy, or thinking that your life would be better if......

Treasure what you have now.. what ever it is, places, people, objects,... Don't talk over it, or box it,.. Don't put on a hard shell in case it gets taken away.

One touch can equal a thousand explanations.. So Touch more.... Treasure more.. And talk/think less...


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Some people will never do anything for themselves and never take responsibility for their consequences.. They will constantly place the responsibility on others;... on anyone who is willing to support them, so they don't have to do anything about it themselves.

They use/have a split second memory, unable to recall the consequences of their actions, how it affected others or their own lives, how much it hurt, or took away from their own lives, or how to keep their own integrity, ..

When someone has filled them up with good advice, they will talk a great game with that support, But will never actually walk it... And when they are on their own or it gets hard they throw in all they have talked about or even worked towards (with their split second memory that wipes everything) so that they can be selfish and do what they Want to do (despite affecting and hurting themselves or others)

They end up Using people and Exhausting everyone around them because they make people constantly support them and prop them up.. (work for them) And Although they may have great intentions, they end up Using good, loving people by not taking responsibility.

They Use their weakness as a manipulation to get sympathy support, love and affection.. (help me) All the things they want but aren't willing to work for or produce inside themselves.. (Like Adult Children, not willing to step up and grow up; and constantly looking for a parent/authority to tell them what to do, do things for them, and revolve themselves around them)

Eventually the Good People stop Helping, because they can't keep filling vessels that keep emptying themselves on a Whim, (no matter how much they want to help) and despite whether these 'Weak Willed' people have good hearts or not, or good intentions, they will end up being around people who just use them back, people who have no respect for them, manipulators, People who don't care, because they can't care for them; Care can't exist around a 'Weak Willed' person because by default when shirking their own responsibility; they become Users themselves and this type of selfishness never takes anyone else's feelings or health into concern and anyone who cares for them will get hurt..
We all have elements of 'Weak Will', ….All of us... And we all have a tendency to wipe our memory of the consequences, thinking that this time we can get away with it, and even the world does this to us, wipes us of our memory of what we should be doing ourselves and instead follow what others are doing... and if you don't keep up your own responsibility, you can become depressed or angry if you don't feel you fit in or have 'something' to show.. etc...

But in the end, it is a choice of Discipline and Strength to not make others Responsible and to take the reins of your own life and steer it to where you want it to go.